Tell HN: Danny Cohen Has Died

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Wow... "In 1967, Danny Cohen developed the first real-time visual flight simulator on a general purpose computer. " - I'm always amazed at some of the things people managed to do "way back when", when my mental image is of people with punch cards.

Here's an article I found about his flight simulator work, among other things.


Hi, I'm seeking a movie, called "Digital Voice Conferencing" Danny did when he was at ISI, demonstrating packet voice technology in the '70s at Marina Del Rey. It used to be linked to by a WIRED article on Danny -- https://www.wired.com/2012/11/he-engineered-the-internet-to-... but the the embeded movie has vanished. We (Computer History Museum) would be super grateful if anyone had a copy or knew of one lurking on the internet somewhere. Can you help?
Could this be it?


Either way, that video is amazing, even if it makes Danny the “heel” of the call. Take 5 minutes and watch it—it’s an incredible window into how far things have changed in 40 years (especially because at the time, what’s in that video is Deep Magic). Thanks for finding that!
>it’s an incredible window into how far things have changed in 40 years

It's also entertaining to see the aspects of conferences calls that have stayed the same or even gotten worse in the last 40 years :)

Danny was a rock star in the early days of general computing and things people could do on the ARPANET. We all owe him a thanks for all the ideas that he pioneered.

We all stand on the shoulders of giants like Danny.