Howdy and welcome,

I am the co-founder of a new startup called We help companies attract and hire engineers by building a careers page that shows what it is like to work on your engineering team. We show off your culture, work environment, and answer the most common questions candidates have.

And, soon we will launch, it allows engineers to define the culture and attributes they want from an engineering team. Then they can sit back and let companies pitch them on their teams.

If I can be of any help feel free to hit me up, you can contact me at *Or via LinkedIn (

I've got a lot of experience running remote companies of 135+ people over 18 countries doing software, dev-ops, and customer service. I am happy to chat if you need some help, a customer dev interview, or I can also help with any problems you are having with a business partner as I've been through it and created a site to try to help others (

Thanks, Ben



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